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Planned Giving

Jeff Pennington

Jeff Pennington '98

When I started my financial service business, Pennington Financial Group, it immediately came to mind to take out a life insurance policy declaring Christchurch School as a beneficiary. This decision was an easy one for me, since I can definitively say the experiences and work ethic I gained from Christchurch School have led me to where I am today - a successful small business owner. Many people may be able to tell you stories from my past, before Christchurch School, but the person I am today is because of the knowledge gained from my time on the shores of the Rappahannock River. Christchurch was able to open my eyes to so many opportunities, and encouraged me to set goals and achieve them. Christchurch gave me the confidence I wanted to make my own mark on this world.

I can honestly say that I will be forever grateful for the values Christchurch instilled in me, and all of the faculty and staff who molded me into the person, and business man, I am today. I am owner and president of Pennington Financial Group, a financial advising firm that I started in Atlanta, Georgia. I am married to Brooke Bartholomew Pennington, a fellow University of Georgia graduate. Though we continue to live in Atlanta, Christchurch is never far from mind. I plan to help support Christchurch School’s future, so that others may achieve the same opportunities and leadership skills that I received while there. I want my legacy to carry on in the faculty and staff, and for their incredible passion to encourage and prepare young men and women for the future. Go Church, and let the orange and blue live forever.