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Planned Giving

Cherbury Hunt Chesser '94 is First Alumna to Inform the School That She Has Made a Planned Gift

Cherbury Hunt ChesserSimply put, I love Christchurch School. Christchurch was more than a school to me; it was an extension of my family and the teachers and experience as a student helped set my course to become the person I am today. Having grown up in the Tidewater region surrounding the school, I was very familiar with the school and its integration with the community and presence as the little school on the River. For over 100 years, Christchurch has been a model in preparatory education for students, teachers and families. Christchurch fosters a community and environment for developing creativity, critical thinking skills and resilience through hands-on experiential learning and an integrated teaching model.

I have been consistently and purposely involved with the school as an alumni advocate, past member of alumni council, and most recently a Foundation Board Trustee in my small attempt to give back to the school, teachers, and community that have given so much to me in my formative years. And I am so lucky I continue to experience the full warmth, support, and success of the community to this day.

I am a perpetual giver to the Annual Fund and most recently have designated Christchurch School as a beneficiary in my planned giving. It has never been more important to ensure the stability and sustainability of Christchurch School for the next 100 years. These gifts to the Annual Fund and long-term planning are essential to sustaining the quality, depth and diversity of programs that our students experience every day. As you can imagine, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of providing an exceptional education and Christchurch relies on tuition income as well as gifts to balance the budget each year and plan for the future for other budding seahorses to set their course at the River.

I encourage you all to think about what the Christchurch School experience, education, and community has meant to you and your family and consider them in your gifts today.